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"We don't just count numbers for our clients, we create numbers for them".     "We assist new entrepreneurs in doing, not just dreaming".      "We transform micro enterprises into small business and small businesses into medium sized business".     "We are Partners in our client's business and profitability growth endeavour".



SDN Consulting Inc., by virtue of its highest values; community Service, Contribution to country’s Economy and Charity, has chosen to work with micro and small businesses, charitable and non-profit organizations by providing valuable expertise at a low cost. Employing this level of expertise normally incurs a much higher cost and may not be financially feasible at the initial of these businesses. SDN Consulting helps to apply thrust and build momentum in an organization’s growth and profitability.

SDN Consulting comprises of perceptive team of professionals that are experts in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Financial budgeting & planning, Corporate governance, Individual & Corporate tax, Payroll tax, WSIB, HST, Auditing, Marketing and Business Management.

SDN consulting understands the need of its clients in terms of knowledge, skills and awareness of government rules and regulations. For that reason, SDN Consulting tailors customized training programs, seminars, workshops and conducts specifically for its clients according to their need.