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Personal Tax

SDN Consulting Inc. ensures the maximum tax refund by taking careful consideration of our client’s family composition, last year’s income, entitlements, credits, benefits, tax deductions and by managing contributions in various tax saving schemes and plans. SDN Consulting constitutes staff that is registered and trained by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and designated as ‘Certified Tax Practitioner’.

Determining accurate tax liability and arriving at maximum benefits and refund demands a vigilant and professional approach. To receive tax refunds promptly and in full, the tax return must be filed diligently. SDN Consulting can be proudly relied upon to file tax returns in order to ensure an instant and correct refund.

Five reasons to file your tax return with us:

  1. Dedicated team of Accountants, Certified Tax and Business Management Experts.

  1. Over fifteen years of experience in personal & corporate tax, business management and accounting.

  1. Registered and trained by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as ‘Certified Tax Practitioner’.

  1. Low cost and high tax refund.

  1. Save time and money by emailing your ‘T-Slips and Receipts, make a phone call and discuss in person.