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"We don't just count numbers for our clients, we create numbers for them".     "We assist new entrepreneurs in doing, not just dreaming".      "We transform micro enterprises into small business and small businesses into medium sized business".     "We are Partners in our client's business and profitability growth endeavour".

About Us

SDN Consulting Inc. is a corporate management consulting firm that specializes in the area of financial management, business financing, bookkeeping & accounting, payroll management, tax management, business process management, strategic business planning and corporate governance.SDN Consulting has a mission of transforming its micro enterprises clients into small businesses and small businesses clients into medium sized businesses. According to Industry Canada micro enterprise are those that have 1 to 4 employees, small business have 5 to 100, medium sized business have 101 to 499 employees and business with 500 or over is categorized as large businesses. Financial Analysts
SDN Consulting has identified its niche market on account of its own passion, interest, skill set and experience. From incorporation SDN Consulting Inc. has upheld a high standard of excellence in providing professional services to micro and small sized organizations engaged in trading, manufacturing, service and NGOs. SDN Consulting, by working with these organizations paves the way for their lasting growth.  glob
SDN consulting understands the need of its clients in terms of knowledge, skills and awareness of rules and regulations. For that reason, SDN Consulting tailors customized training programs, seminars, workshops and conducts specifically for its clients according to their need perf