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"We don't just count numbers for our clients, we create numbers for them".     "We assist new entrepreneurs in doing, not just dreaming".      "We transform micro enterprises into small business and small businesses into medium sized business".     "We are Partners in our client's business and profitability growth endeavour".

Corporate Tax

Our tax services include consultancy in personal and corporate tax planning, management and government compliance by dedicated team of accountants, certified tax practitioner and business management experts having vast experience of over fifteen years in personal and corporate tax management.

SDN Consulting Inc. advises and assists its corporate clients in devising and maintaining tax efficient strategy, We are expert in this by virtue of our deep knowledge and vast experience in corporate tax management. We identify tax implications of our client financial transactions and advise them on tax minimization strategies. We also conduct exclusive tax study engagements, prepare and file corporate tax returns to Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of our clients.

We also provide services to our clients in compliance of government tax reporting requirements for payroll.